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Hey everyone! How're you doing? I haven't forgotten about you!

I was thinking I should probably set the deadline for when everyone should have the book. I kind of want to start reading by next SUNDAY, and have the first 50 pages read by November 2nd. What that be okay? I just really need to make sure, because now is a critical time for the elections so I know there will also be people out canvasing and doing other volunteer work. SO. If this is a bad time, say so in the comments and we'll have to work something else out.

Also, so this post isn't 100% boring as hell, feel free to introduce yourself in the comments. :D/ Write a little blurb about yourself--where you live, your interests, favorite books, hobbies, background, etc. etc.

Luv ya!

ETA: So I don't have to do it in the comments of my own post:

My name is Ami. I'm 20 years old. I really like cats, and because of that I work with foster groups and no-kill shelters to get as many cats out to loving homes as possible. I have about twenty cats in my care at the moment. I enjoy photography, though I'm still a novice. I don't go to school, but if I did I'd double-major in gender studies and politics, with a minor in journalism. I love reading non-fiction books on feminism. My favorite author is Chuck Klosterman; he's the man who made me absolutely sure I wanted to write for a career. I also love George Orwell. Animal Farm changed my life. I love satire. I read political blogs obsessively (most feminist and gay rights blogs). I enjoy listening to audiobooks when I work or do chores. I'm quite tidy. I lack a lot of confidence, but what I lack I make up for in ~*feminist rage*~. I'm in love with Hillary Clinton, Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann. I watch CNN and MSNBC for fun. I'm never not listening to music (usually Tegan and Sara, Modest Mouse, Cloud Cult, Atmosphere, DCFC, CSS, etc.) and when I'm not listening to music I'm usually listening to it in my head. I drink too much tea. I never know when to shut up. I hate dishonest people--not liars as much as people who're incredibly fake. I like sweets.

And that's probably more about me than you'll ever need to know.
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