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Post #2: How to run the club p.2

Hello again, everyone! Hope you're all having a fine week. :D/

Anyway, in this post there will be polls and my own thoughts that I hope will spark some discussion. Make sure to keep coming back to these posts to see what people after you have to say! Not that this is a huge book club or anything, haha. But a discussion can't thrive if no one talks to anyone else.

First off, I was thinking we could start the first week by reading 50 pages. At first I was thinking 100 pages, but that's because I have the personal freedom and a lacking schedule, both of which allow me to read 100 pages a DAY if I so please. But I recognize that most of you also have busy social schedules, work schedules, and school schedules, and the last thing I want is for this book club to feel like homework and something that's getting in the way of living your life.

Is starting off with 50 pages okay with you?

No, I'd rather read less!
No, I'd rather read more!
We'll just see after the first week.
I'd rather go by chapters instead of pages.

For chapters, we'd have to go on a book-by-book basis as some books have looooooooong chapters, and some (like the one I'm reading at the moment) can have as few as three pages in one chapter. However, I want to finish books in a semi-timely manner, and 50 pages a week seems almost too short for most books (it would take over a month for most novels). Opinions?

Now, the discussion of CONTENT. In the last post, rimn stated that she is uncomfortable about the idea of explicit sexual content for this book club. Now, I personally wouldn't mind reading a book that's 100% smut as long as it's good (an oxymoron?), but that brings up the argument of whether we should pick books that work for everyone, or if sometimes we're going to pick books that maybe some people would want to opt out of. (i.e. If someone were to rec this book I might back out of the discussion for that month, etc.)

I also wanted to put it out there real quick that you can post to this community whenever you want if you have something you want to discuss from a book we're reading. To be honest, I wouldn't mind if you posted here about anything and everything book related. But make sure to put it behind a cut in case you're reading faster than others. ALSO, during discussions, if you read ahead PLEASE only stick to discussing the things that were in the assigned pages. Don't show off you read more than everyone else unless it's stated beforehand that everyone read that far. You don't want to spoil a book for someone and make them want to stop reading it. (Any complaints or recommendations on about this community or the club itself should be taken to me or Riggy!)

And I'll be making a book recommendation post later tonight or sometime tomorrow! So please feel free to make a list or go look through Amazon right this second for books you'd love to read in this club.

Anyway, please also post a reply here stating that you've gotten the book. I have it, and I believe Riggy does too? Everyone knows what book we're starting with, right?

It's nice to meet you all! Have a great day.
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